A Hub of Activity

Possum Park is a dynamic and multi-functional venue, offering a range of excellent facilities for events such as Races, Campdrafting, and Pony Club activities. But that’s not all—Possum Park is also the perfect setting for everything from weddings to 21st birthday parties, making it a cherished spot in the Injune community.

Rich History and Modern Amenities

Built on the historic site of the old racecourse, Possum Park combines tradition with modern convenience. The centerpiece of the park is a large steel shed, which houses state-of-the-art bar and kitchen facilities. The concrete slab base is versatile, transforming easily from space for bookmaker stalls during races to an instant dance floor for celebrations.

Elevated Viewing and Lush Surroundings

One of the standout features of Possum Park is its elevated structure, offering an excellent vantage point to watch the action below. Whether you’re attending a race, a campdrafting event, or a Pony Club competition, you’ll have a perfect view. Surrounding the main area, you’ll find a well-maintained kikuyu lawn, thanks to the dedicated efforts of local volunteers. This lush, green expanse adds to the park’s charm and provides a pleasant environment for all visitors.

The Resident Possum

The park’s unique name comes from its nocturnal resident—a possum that lives in the ceiling of the main shed. Although this shy creature is rarely seen, it has become a beloved part of the park’s identity, occasionally spotted by late-night revelers.

Home to the Injune Campdrafting Association

Possum Park proudly hosts the Injune Campdrafting Association, which organizes one of Australia’s largest campdrafting events every year on the Anzac weekend. Campdrafting, a unique Australian sport, showcases the skill and agility of both horse and rider as they work together to round up cattle. Injune is home to some of the nation’s champion campdrafters, making these events a thrilling spectacle.

A Thriving Pony Club

Injune boasts a very active Pony Club, attracting children from near and far to compete in various equestrian events. The Pony Club season runs during the winter months, with events scheduled every weekend. Possum Park’s excellent facilities and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal location for young riders to hone their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of the club.

Camping at Possum Park

For those wishing to extend their stay, Possum Park offers several camping sites that can be booked through the Injune Visitor Information Centre. The park provides a number of powered sites, although these are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be prebooked. Whether you’re attending an event or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the area, camping at Possum Park offers a comfortable and convenient option.

Plan Your Visit

Possum Park is not just a venue; it’s a vibrant part of the Injune community, offering a wide range of activities and events for everyone. Whether you’re attending a major campdrafting competition, a Pony Club event, or looking for the perfect spot for a special celebration, Possum Park has something to offer. For more information and to book your camping spot, visit the Injune Visitor Information Centre.