When visiting Injune, make sure to drop into our accredited Visitor Information Centre—you’ll be glad you did!

Finding the Visitor Information Centre is easy, as it’s located right on the main highway in the middle of town. The building is one of Injune’s newer icons, conveniently close to shopping, with the local library in the same complex. The log cabin-style centre is surrounded by a spacious park area featuring a playground for children, a water fountain to fill your bottles, and an amenities block at the rear. There is plenty of parking available behind the complex.

Pop in for a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and relax on the veranda. Inside the centre, you’ll find original local artworks on display, a selection of souvenirs, and a bookshop. It’s an excellent opportunity not to be missed. Enjoy a chat with our friendly volunteers who keep the doors open seven days a week, excluding some public holidays.

Our volunteers love making your trip more enjoyable by answering your questions and sharing their extensive knowledge about our unique area in southern central Queensland. Additionally, our helpful Tourism Administrative Officer is always available to assist you with information and ensure your travels are as pleasurable as possible.

Visiting the Injune Tourist Information Centre is a great way to start your journey, providing you with everything you need to explore and enjoy our beautiful region.

Injune Visitor Information Centre
32 Hutton Street, Injune, 4454
PO Box 129, Injune, 4454
T: 07 4626 0503
F: 07 4626 0591
E: tourism@maranoa.qld.gov.au

OPENING HOURS: 9am-5pm 7 Days
(Except some public holidays)